Get Organized for the New School Year: Time to Make New Resolutions

Get Organized for the New School Year: Time to Make New Resolutions

January gets all of the glory when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. It’s always the talk of the holiday parties and then once January rolls around and you’re back to work or in the carpool line, everyone always seems to ask what you’ve resolved to change this year. If you ask us, January is a terrible time to start anew. Sure, it’s technically the beginning of a new year, but with cold, dreary weather and holiday hangovers, it hardly seems inspiring. Instead, there’s something about September that inspires the resolution maker in us. Maybe it’s the new pencils and shiny new shoes we always got at the end of August, but September seems like a great time of the year to start fresh. The laid-back summer months gave you some time to recharge, so why not be like a kid again and start your year off in September?

Sarah on “half-year check-up”

“I’ll admit that I love the New Year’s tradition, so I’m never going to stop making my resolutions on December 31st, but I do look at September and the start of school as a great time to check in with myself to see how I’m doing. Last year’s resolution was to add more exercise into my routine and when I checked back in September, I realized I wasn’t doing enough of it. I had to recommit, so it was kind of like starting over in September, but I’ve been going strong ever since.”

Alicia on “regaining control after the summer”

“I love the summer. I love the warm weather, the laid-back attitude, and the fact that I can spend more time with my family. At the same time, I relish routine and summer is all about not having a routine, so I definitely look forward to September when I can get back to the normal schedule. My daughter is back in school, my husband is back full-force at the office, and I can refocus my attention. For me, September is all about figuring out what I need to do at work and in my personal life and getting back on track.”

Three Ways to Get Yourself Back on Track this September:

1. Rethink your To Do List.

Maybe you’ve played all summer and are a little overwhelmed with your to do list come September 1. Take a good, hard look at what makes it on to your list. Do you really need to bake cupcakes or could you just buy them at the bakery? Will saying yes to that committee make you feel accomplished or will it add more chaos to your life? Clear off your list of things that don’t have to be done and you’ll be able to accomplish the important things that do need completing.

2. Do One Thing Well.

Most jugglers eventually drop the balls, so remember that you don’t need to get everything done all at once. Want to try yoga, learn a new language, and cook your way through Julia Child? Kudos to you, but don’t kill yourself doing it all at once. Pick one goal for the month and chip away at that.

3. Break it Down.

Ask anyone what they want to accomplish and you’ll hear things like “lose weight,” “do more with my kids,” etc. Most people fail at their resolutions because they pick lofty goals with no plan in sight. Instead of disappointing yourself, get organized and break your goals down into tasks and then schedule the tasks in your calendar. If you want to lose weight, schedule tasks like grocery shopping, prepping meals, and packing healthy lunches (instead of hitting the local fast food joint) into your calendar.