Regaining Control: Setting Up Command Central

I’m officially organized

Well, that might be somewhat of an overstatement given that we just moved last Tuesday and it still looks as though a bomb was detonated in many areas of the house. But I have my nerve center organized: that means the family calendar and general family inbox. And somehow, once those things are up and functioning – all seems right with the world.

I got a head start on setting mine up because Smead kindly sent us some of their new products to review – like the Stadium File and an assortment of colored SuperTab folders. Feeling out of control and like I was wallowing in chaos, I leaped at the chance to put them into action.

You know what? In less than five minutes, I had a fully functional system in place for wrangling all of those school-related and house-related papers that make their way into the kitchen and need not only to be organized, but also kept handy for reference…or just in case. The Stadium File had room for 12 manilla folders, which meant it would be truly useful: too many sections and filing systems quickly become overwhelming, too few sections make any inbox system an impractical dumping ground. I also loved that the files had so much room in the subject area to write in what the folder was for. I didn’t get all nervous that I was going to make a mess of the labeling, which made the process go that much faster. Plus, you can see which folder is which without too much straining.

When I couple these files with my agenda – I have at my fingertips everything I need to make decisions about who needs to be where, with what, and when every day of the week. I’m keeping it right by the door, which is where everything gets dropped when people come in, and the last stop for grabbing things on the way out.

I seriously feel better than if I’d taken a trip to the spa…not bad for 5 minutes work. Today is going to be a good day!

Here’s where you can get these Smead products for your own control center:

-Office Depot
-Franklin Covey

-Office Depot

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