Insurance expert: home insurance claims: making the home inventory video

Home Insurance Claims: Making The Home Inventory Video

Documenting Home Content Will Help During Home Insurance Claim Time
By Meha Ahmad, Staff Writer

As any qualified home insurance agent will tell you, the best way to prepare for filing a successful home insurance claim is to document all of your home’s content. That way, in the event that your home or belongings are damaged or stolen and you have to file a home insurance claim, you can show item-by-item what your provider has to replace. To find an affordable homeowners insurance policy that covers your personal belongings, look online using our free quote comparison service for homeowners insurance quotes.

Getting Started On The Home Inventory Video

Don’t wait until you have to file a home insurance claim before you realize, “Wow, I really should have made that home inventory video.” Preparation and anticipation of the worst-case scenario is very important when it comes to properly filing home insurance claims.

Here’s how to get started on your home inventory:

1. Get the equipment.

Home inventories are essential to home insurance claim processes. Get a video camera (picture camera will work, too). Make sure to have a blank tape or DVD to record everything on (the media you use should be exclusively for the home inventory. Don’t record anything else on it).

2. Prioritize.

Don’t just start haphazardly recording anything and everything. When you file your home insurance claim, you won’t want the first five minutes of tape to be just the toys in the kids’ playroom. You’ll want your insurance provider to see the most important and/or expensive items first, so those aren’t overlooked when you file your home insurance claim (the video is to ensure that every item is covered in your home insurance claim, but mistakes happen). Have a general idea of what you really want to get on tape first.

3. Start rolling.

Get an exterior shot of your home, on all sides. If you added anything to your property—pool, gazebo, deck, landscaping, etc.—be sure to get shots of it, because if they’re damaged, you’ll want to include those in your home insurance claim. Then move onto your home’s entryway. Record the walls, floors and ceilings of your home (for any flooring, light fixtures, antique frames, etc., that you want to include on your home insurance claim). When filing a home insurance claim, you’ll be most concerned with replacing the big-ticket items (electronics, furniture, etc.), so start out with that.

4. Every room counts.

Your home insurance claim process will run more smoothly if you get shots of every room, but more importantly, of every item in every room. Leave nothing undocumented. Open all the drawers, closets, storage units, cabinets. Slowly pan over every storage space so your insurance provider will have a better idea of what your home insurance claim includes.

5. Keep the video safe.

Store the video somewhere safe (off of your property), like at a relative’s home or a safety deposit box. That way, you know your video won’t be destroyed, lost, or missing when you have to file your home insurance claim.

Other tips:

The whole point of making the video is to make your home insurance claim process run more smoothly. Keeping this in mind, make sure that you also clean your home (it’s easier to determine what is covered in the home insurance claim if it can be easily identified in the video, sans clutter); include your name, address, date and time of the video on the tape; and provide narration/commentary throughout the video, making a verbal note of any big-ticket items (jewelry, laptop, etc.) and mention the general price if you remember it. The more details the better for your home insurance claim.

Talk to Your Home Insurance Agent | Ask About Homeowners Insurance Quotes

For more tips on how to make your home insurance claim process run more smoothly, talk to your homeowners insurance agent. They will let you know what other details you may want to include on your inventory, to make your home insurance claims process go more smoothly. Don’t forget to look for affordable homeowners insurance quotes online using our easy quote forms, and seek policies that include adequate coverage for your personal belongings., an Inc 500 fastest growing company, provides consumers with expert articles and insurance quotes from up to five local agents.