Get Organized and Create Your Own Command Center

Get Organized and Create Your Own Command Center

School is right around the corner. Do you get a tick just thinking about the mountain of paperwork you know will come in like waves from the school and teachers? How the heck will you keep it all organized and not get overwhelmed? How can you help your kids from getting overwhelmed?

The SMEAD SuperTab® folders and Stadium™File may be your salvation! Using these products to set up your school command center will make your school year just a little easier to get organized!

SMEAD SuperTab® Folders

First set up file folders using the SMEAD SuperTab® folders so the paperwork coming in the door will already have a place in your home. The tabs are 90% larger than normal tabs so you can really make the lettering large for the kids – or add additional information on the tab! You can download a free Microsoft Word® label template if you don’t want to write on the folders!

Folders you may want to incorporate include: Homework, Calendars, Master Calendar, Contacts (phone directories/rosters), Sports, For Parents, Return to School. Your folders may look different – you may want one for each child for each subject, or for each sport. You may want to keep a calendar for each child. Every family is different, but the tabs are so large, whatever you choose will be seen by everyone in your family!

The SMEAD Stadium™ File

I LOVE the Stadium File. There are 12 tiered pockets so you can see all the files at once. This way there is no confusion or missing of a file folder! AND because it is and expanding file, you can really get lots of paperwork in each defined space. It can sit out on a kitchen counter, dining table or desktop and still look neat. It’s portable so you can take it to your favorite area to sort through the papers and it’s easy for the kids to move too! So once you decide on your folder, this is the best place to put them until you are ready to toss or file its contents!

Give it a try! These tools will help your command center run smoothly and help you keep on top of everything this coming school year!

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