– New Video Game Rental Site! – New Video Game Rental Site!

Does your kid need help in a subject and the educational video games are way too expensive to buy the ones that can help your child? Well this new educational online video rental company, can help take the bite out of your budget and help your kids learn!

SmartyRents features LeapFrog and VTech games on 8 game systems (including Little Leaps, Clickstart, Leapster, Didj, V.Smile Baby, V.Smile, V.Motion, and V.Flash). They even have games to rent that you can’t buy anymore – but are great for learning!

How does it work? SmartyRents has rental packages that can help you meet the needs of every child in your family. Mirroring the mail order movie rental business model, SmartyRents ships selected titles free with no late fees! Great for families on a budget! No more buying games the kids outgrow or get bored with and then you are out the cash – simply rent the game and return it and get another one! SmartyRents allows you to really test a game before you invest in it.

If children love the game so much that it pains them to part with it, then take advantage of the SmartyRents Love It option. The ‘Love It’ option allows families to keep the game by purchasing it at the reduced ‘Love It’ price.

SmartyRents also has Gift Certificate that are available in any dollar amount to fit any budget or occasion.

Check out the online video game rental site at

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