Cool Organizing Find: The 7 Sins Of Pilers

I am certain of many of you saw our recent review of the great PileSmart products by Pendaflex.

As a lifelong piler myself, I wanted to add a bit more information that I have found very helpful and might also help my other ‘fellow pilers.’ Enjoy and may your piles never grow too high!

The 7 Sins Of Piling

Pendaflex has a great guide to helping Pilers get their desks organized. Print out the whole guide HERE. I did and love it. Here is my favorite excerpt: The 7 Sins Of Piling. Things you should always avoid. Whether it’s the hectic nature of your business day, the demands of juggling multiple projects, home-office records that keep getting bigger, or any other reason – it can be easy to make a piling faux-pas that could cost you time or lead toa lost document.

To follow are seven piling situations to stay away from:

1. Do not over extend
Be careful not to place piles too close to the edge of a desktop because before you know it, you’ll be picking loose papers off the floor.

2. Do not allow papers to stick out too far from each pile
This can get real messy, real fast. Plus, when papers protrude from the pile they can obscure the labels that identify your file headings, preventing you from finding what you want.

3. Do not overstuff your folders.
We’ve all fallen victim to this one…the urge to cram as much paperwork as humanly possible into each file folder in our pile. Ignore the temptation to do so. Overstuffed folders do not allow the folder to close properly, compromising the ability of the folder to hold your documents while also making it almost impossible to efficiently reference individual papers.

4. Do not use file folders that are worn and torn.
Besides being unsightly, tattered file folders in your piles can contribute to misfiles and the loss of crucial papers. Pendaflex® PileSmartTM folders and organizers are made of super strong poly material to resist wearing, tearing and moisture – providing exceptional durability while also protecting your documents from such office mishaps as coffee spills.

5. Do not pile papers containing paper clips.
Invariably, papers that are clipped together will catch on to one another, resulting in confusion within your piles.

6. Do not use rubber bands to hold papers together.
Quality folders such as those in the Pendaflex® PileSmartTM line are designed to do a fine job of keeping documents securely inside each file. Rubber bands will only do one thing: waste your energy by forcing you to take the extra step of removing the rubber band each time you reference paperwork.

7. Do not create “miscellaneous” files.
If something is important enough to be saved and then put into your pile, it deserves its own label heading specific to the file’s topic. Invariably, you will forget what’s in a miscellaneous file, and be forced to dig through the entire pile to find what you need

More Great Advice To Come

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