Tuesday’s Chill Pill: Be Here, Now

Today’s Chill Pill is in honor of my mom, Maggie, who passed away last week.

She was one of those people who managed to do a million and one things in a day. She was a doctor, teacher, mom, grandmother, friend, enthusiastic cook and entertainer, and doting wife to my step dad, Matt. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend an hour with her not too long ago to interview her for our upcoming book. Among other things, we talked in depth about how she managed to get it all done.

Maggie’s Wisdom: Be Here, Now

One thing I tell interns and students – you really have to look at the segment you’re addressing – but when you’re addressing that you give it your full attention. When you’ve succeeded in that, you can move on to the next thing. You’re succeeding if you’re doing that little thing well.

Today, when you find yourself doing things like checking your crackberry incessantly when you are with your family, looking past someone when they are in front of you because you’re focused on getting to your next thing, or otherwise being anywhere but where you are, stop. Refocus. What is in front of you is all that matters.