Winner of Vemayca Cosmetic Bag Giveaway!

The Winner!

Veronica Mayo of Vemayca posted a great article about using baskets to organize and offered one Vemayca Cosmetic Bag as a giveaway! The winner of the Vemayca Cosmetic Bag, chosen at random using, is Vanessa Delgado. I know you will join me and congratulating Vanessa on her win.

You too can have this wonderful cosmetic bag. It’s teddy-bear soft, luxurious, and pretty. And …it has a removable liner! It’s the cosmetic bag you’ve been waiting for. Veronica Mayo was determined that functional doesn’t have to mean ugly, so she designed a chic, sumptuous cosmetic bag that’s super easy to keep clean. The next time the inside of your cosmetic bag gets caked with grime, dirt, and makeup, change the recyclable Soft Pearl Liner and you are good to go.

What Can Go Inside

The possibilities are endless! The Vemayca cosmetic bag was designed to be used with or without the Soft Pearl Liner. Side pockets allow you to carry cell phones, eye glasses, and small cameras. And it’s not just for your makeup, you can use Vemayca bags to organize and carry electronic attachments, business supplies or jewelry. A must for travelers and every lady-on-the-go, the Vemayca is the last cosmetic bag you’ll ever need.