3 Organizational Tips for Putting Yourself on Your To Do List

3 Organizational Tips for Putting Yourself on Your To Do List

Some people sneak a peek at medicine cabinets; others might want to look inside your purse. We like to sneak peeks at To Do lists. We’re willing to bet that if we took a look at yours, it would look something like this:
Finish monthly sales report
Grocery shopping
Soccer practice car pool
Pick up dry cleaning
Take Mom to doctor’s appointment
Look at each task. There is something for everyone on this list, but where do you fall? Do you fall into the same category as most women as the ultimate achiever when it comes to others but a bit of an underachiever when it comes to yourself? How long have you been wanting to lose that last 10 pounds, join that new yoga studio, or sign up for a pottery class? Make yourself a priority and add yourself to your To Do list to get it ——

Sarah on “Buddying Up for Success”

“It’s been seven and a half months since my second son was born and for more than three months now I have been telling myself each Monday that this is the week I’ll start exercising again. I begin with good intentions, but inevitably something interrupts my plans and by Friday, I’m beating myself up that yet another week has gone by. I’m the type that never cancels a meeting, so I just translated that to my personal life and now meet up with a friend for early morning runs three times a week. Not only do I fit in my exercise, but I actually get to catch up with her while we exercise. That’s what I call a win-win!”

Alicia on “Non-Negotiable Me Time”

“Everybody has a window of time in the day when they are least productive. Some people aren’t morning people, but my least productive time is late afternoon. I look at that period as an opportunity to fit in “me” time, so that one hour each day is time for me to exercise, get a haircut, read a book, or just snooze on the couch. It’s my hour and it’s non-negotiable and guilt-free. It’s amazing how refreshed I am after taking some time away from work and home duties and I find that I am recharged and able to tackle everything again better after that respite.”

Want to start putting yourself on your to-do list? Here are 3 organizational tips for making yourself a priority (and sticking to it!).

1. Make it a Judgment- and Guilt-free zone.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need lofty goals in order to set aside time for yourself. If you make your “me” time about “have to’s” it becomes just another chore. Remember that you don’t always need to working towards something – it just needs to be a time for you to recharge. Don’t feel like hitting the gym? Just catch up on your favorite TV shows this week if that is what makes you feel better. It’s about you, not anyone else.

2. Schedule It.

Whether it’s one hour a week or an afternoon on the weekends, make sure that you build it into your schedule. It’s not about the length of time that you give yourself, rather it’s about knowing that you have that time to yourself to get something done for you that makes you feel recharged and relaxed. If you’re like Sarah and “ignore” the scheduled time more than three times in a row, then find yourself someone else to commit to meeting and set up some time to just hang out with them (or go for a run together, or meet for brunch, etc.).

3. Build your Support System.

Women are great at many things, but many women don’t like to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask others for assistance, whether it is watching the kids or providing emotional support. There’s nothing wrong with getting help and it will ensure that you take the necessary time for you. Get creative about asking for help. Starting a new diet? Ask your husband to shelve the family’s outings to the ice cream parlor. Need someone to watch the kids while you try a new Pilates class? Switch off with a neighbor. You’ll be surprised by how helpful people can be when you just ask.