Guest Guru: Sandy Jenney – Organizing Your Kids with Colors

Organizing your Kids with Colors

I love colors. I have always found that using colors to help organize is a great way to help yourself visually organize. So why not use that same method to help organize your children?

Each child is assigned a specific color

Sometimes this is a simple thing to do because each of your children may have a favorite color. Sometimes it isn’t so easy. Two girls who both love pink. In that case…mom gets to make the final decision. I have 8 children. Granted 3 of them are now out of the home, but they all had separate colors. Don’t you think I was excited when as a mom of 4 boys, my new husband had 1 girl with his brode of 4! (yes…I got to use pink!)

This is a method that even very young children can use. Think how young they learn their colors. Much younger than reading.

There are many things that you can color code for organizing

1) Cubbies in the entry way or mudroom – hats, gloves, little items you pick up around the house. Throw them in their cubbies. It is their responsibiliy to clean them out every few weeks

2) Toothbrushes and bathroom cups. No more mixing them up.

3) Hooks for their lunchboxes, bookbags or coats.

4) If you can’t find the colored hooks that you need, you can do something like I did here and use the proper color stickers to make their names.

Make sure you place things at their heights so they can put their own things away.

5) laundry baskets to put their clean clothes in. Then they can put them in their drawers

6) Drinking plastic cups – so they know which cup is theirs and they do not have to get a clean one for each drink. Especially when they are home all day from school.

7) Plastic stackable bins for their paperwork. Or mailboxes as we call them.

Be creative…think of some more ways you can use colors to organize your children.

Sandy Jenny is a part time pediatric nurse, a mom to 8 and a natural organizer since birth! To learn more about staying organized, her services and more about Sandy, visit her website and blogs at