Organize Your Dad with These Really Cool Cufflinks

How big is your dad’s briefcase?

Does it seems like he brings his entire filing cabinet home with him every day? Zip drives are a wonderful way to help him reduce the amount of stuff he has to schlepp back and forth from the office. They also have the added benefit of giving him an easy way to back up his work.

I came across these irresistible cufflink zip drives last night and thought they’d be the perfect gift for the busy, buttoned up executive dad. You can find them at for $195 and can add a monogram for $8.

If you’re looking for something less expensive, you should take also take a look at these two super-cool, ultra-portable flash drives designed in a way that ensures dad will never lose it. The first one costs $25, is shaped like a credit card and is meant to be kept in a wallet. The second costs $15, is shaped like a key and is easily stored on a key ring.