Products Ideal for the Imperfectly Organized

Products Ideal for the Imperfectly Organized

I was asked to use three products from Smead and let our readers know what I thought. The three things were the Smead Stadium™ file, the Viewables ® Color Labeling System and the SuperTab® file folders.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

So I tried all three and I loved them all! I won’t be going back to the smaller folders or other labeling systems and I LOVE the 12 tiers of the Stadium File (gotta get me more of these!). I am truly surprised at just how much I like them and how much they helped me stay organized and on top of critical files!

The Smead Stadium File:

This is a 12 tiered accordion file designed with 12 pockets so you can keep papers visible on your desk. The Stadium File comes with pre-printed labels for your convenience (A-Z, JAN – DEC, 1 – 31 and useful household subjects like Auto, Credit Card, Utilities, etc.).

Now, understand I use metal mesh desk-top organizers to keep the files I use most often within reach. However, they aren’t tiered and you do have to go looking for things. That is the one thing I always found annoying.

I like the Stadium File. Because it’s tiered it takes up half the space as my wire mesh organizer and I REALLY like that. And all I have to do is turn my head and I can see all the files – no more looking for a file! The accordion sides are reinforced which is great because I am murder on paper goods and this will stand up to my every day abuse.

The more I use it the more I REALLY, REALLY like it! It’s so easy to find the file I need when I need it!

Viewables Color Labeling System:

I decided I would use these labels and put files in my Stadium File so it would look pretty. BUT since I usually use a black and white printer, that’s what I used instead of using color to code the files. I wanted to see if they would work for anyone using any printer. The pictures on the front of the packaging and the sales flyer were really impressive. If I had more time in my day I’d spend several hours totally redoing my files so they would be color coded and I’d buy the viewable for Hanging Folder (you can view the info from the top or the back as well as the front– love that!).

Software is included. It’s so easy to use – decide the style you want and the color and just type in the information. What you see on the screen is what you get when you print. Even using a black and white printer, they turned out wonderfully! I put the labels on the third product, the SuperTab® file folders.

SuperTab® File Folders:

By now you can safely say I am on a roll! I love this product too! The labels fit on the folders just right – and there is so much room – you can be specific like, ‘Customer Name, Sales Orders, June 2010’ – the tabs are cut in such a way that you can read the entire label. I love that! I have sub categories for files and I love to be able to see them at a glance. If you like to write big or your files have long names or if you just want to bump up the lettering so you can read it without reading glasses, this is the file folder for you! And they come in pretty colors too. 🙂

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3. Supertab
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