Tuesday’s Chill Pill: Get Hooked!

Sometimes the secret to keeping things organized is, well, not to try so hard.

That’s absolutely the case when it comes to kids’ dress up costumes, hats, and such. It’s also true for wrangling tech toys, like headphones.

Dress Up Toys

Kids take costumes on and off like outerwear. So take a cue from how you deal with coats. Simply hang a series of talks along your bed to your child’s bedroom or playroom wall. Then instruct them to hang up their costumes on a peg when they’re done with them. You’ll spend less time chasing after your kids to get them to pick up costumes off the floor and they’ll be happier that they can see their fantasy wardrobe at a glance. I love these hooks from Pottery Barn Kids for $19.

Tech Toys

Headphones, USB cables, headphone sets, and other tech accoutrements can easily overwhelm desk space. Install a hook off the side or underneath your desk and whenever you’re not using a cable or headphones, drape them over the hooks. It’s a lot easier and faster than folding them perfectly and putting them in a drawer and unfolding them again when you need them. No, it’s not visually perfect. But if you make it easy on yourself to clean up the clutter on your desktop, it might actually stay neat. What a concept! These options below are great. The blue ones run about $6.50 and the 3M adhesive ones are about $3.50. A steal!

I’d love to hear from you! What else do you use hooks for?