Auto Expert: A Dozen Tips to Spring Clean Your Car!

Now that the house and yard have been Spring cleaned, we thought we’d concentrate on the car!
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A Dozen Tips to Spring Clean Your Car!

By Nikki Kinzer, Owner, Take Control Organizing as posted on, Buttoned Up’s Auto Expert

We [] found the following article at It’s a great reminder to organize your car’s interior as we go into summer. Thanks to Nikki Kinzer at TakeControlOrganizing for allowing us to share her article!

With children in tow or maybe you work out of your car, our cars can sometimes be (and is) a dumping ground for many things! If I don’t make a conscious effort to keep my car clean, then in a matter of days it can become filled with baseballs, toys, books, garbage etc! I have come up with some tips and tricks on how to Organize your car and maintain it! It’s not magic, it does take time, but I find it is well worth it!

12 Car Organizing Tips:

1. Ask yourself, what needs to be in your car?

This is especially important if you do a lot of work out of your car. What office supplies needs to be in there, if you have kids, what essentials need to be in your car.

2. Evaluate your current system in organizing your car.

What do you struggle to find? Keep this in mind when figuring out where items are going to go.

3. Take everything out of your car and separate into piles.

1) Stuff you use all the time, 2) Things you use occasionally, 3) Things you need in an emergency. Anything left over gets placed outside of the car.

4. Clean your car inside and out.

Start your organizing project with a clean slate.

5. Place like items together.

Go through your piles and place them where they make the most sense in your car. For example; emergency kits can be placed in the back of the car, hand santizer and tissues should be in the front console.

6. How many CD’s do you need in your car?

Start up a new rule with yourself, if you add 3 new CD’s, make sure to take 3 out.

7. Try to keep items off of the floor.

8. Look into Car Organizers:

they have great solutions for over the seat and the trunk of cars. These are great storage solutions for keeping like items together and in one place.

9. Keep an extra tote bag to carry items from car to home.

10. Create a new rule: if you carry something into the car – you must carry it out.

11. Have a trash bag in the car and empty it regularly.

12. Make a monthly appointment to clean your car.

Happy Organizing!

About Nikki Kinzer, Owner, Take Control Organizing
Nikki Kinzer is a professional organizer and owner of Take Control Organizing. For over a decade, Nikki has been helping individuals and organizations deliver results through change. As a professional organizer, she coaches people and their families on how to build positive life habits, reduce stress, and take back control in their lives, all by teaching the benefits of organized living.