Tech Expert: Got PC Clutter?

Got PC Clutter?

By Lauren Halagarda, CPO®

Yet another client today asked me what she should do because she had just given up trying to organize her e-mail and files. Her folder structure had gotten so complex and overwhelming to maintain and she was having even more difficulty finding the info she needed on her computer. I often hear this same question “How should I set up my electronic filing system so I can find what I need?” It seems to be a challenge for many. The Pareto principle tells us that we’ll probably only access 20% of what we keep. If that’s the case, then why waste so much time making decisions and worrying about the other 80% when you’re not likely to reference it again? Do you spend so much time re-organizing files and folders, trying to determine where to save something? Only to end up searching in multiple folders still unable to find what you need? I do believe in setting up and maintaining an easy-to-use file structure and I’ll talk about that in a future post, but everyone likes a quick fix, right? My magic pill is to install a desktop search engine.

A desktop search engine is similar to an Internet search engine except that it allows you to search your computer for files, e-mail messages and other digital information using keywords and filters. There are some search functions built into operating systems like Instant Search for Windows Vista, Windows Search in Windows 7 and for Mac users, Spotlight does the trick. For PC users, searching in Win7 is much improved over its earlier counterparts, but I still defer to my favorite desktop search engine, X1 Professional Client. X1 offers a 14 day free trial and a license will cost you $49.95, but it’s worth its weight in gold! (And, no, I don’t receive any compensation for saying so…though I should because I recommend it enough ;)) Other options include Copernic desktop search, which is free for non-commercial home use or $49.95 for the Professional version and, of course, everybody’s favorite and always free, Google Desktop. I’ve created a few videos to show you all three of these search programs so you can see for yourself, but here’s what I like best about X1:
• You can search for any type of file including: emails, attachments, contacts, appointments, tasks, documents, spreadsheets, music, images, and the list goes on…
• The ability to preview a file even if you don’t have the program it was created in
• They’ve just added support for removable disks, which means I can index and search for files on my external hard drive
• Integrates with Outlook email and enables you to reply, forward, etc. right from the search window
• Allows you to dynamically search…which means you can keep narrowing your search without starting over
• And finally, what I love the most is that it does all of this quickly without slowing down my system

Google Desktop


X1 Professional Client

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