Transformation: Turning Your Blah Garden into Blooms

Transformation: Turning Your Blah Garden into Blooms

I once had a green thumb but somehow over the years and distractions, that all changed. I now have a horrendous brown thumb – or as my husband calls it “the thumb of death.” Any plant I bring into the house dies.

So this year I decided to forget about the inside of the house and try and bring more color and life into our garden areas outside. For the first time ever I planted a garden.

What a hoot. Understand; I have one area that I only planted one Rose bush and after 2 years it died. I have two beds by the side of the house – one with NOTHING but dirt.

A couple of years ago we re-landscaped the front of the house and the side burm ourselves and the plantings are still alive (more or less). But I cannot take the credit for that as the Hubby also helped and we had expert advice and help from his folks. (His mom so much as looks at a plant and it thrives.) But then again, they ARE outdoors and there were no flowers involved, just strong sturdy bush-type plants and Hostas. Nothing can kill them – right?

So I bought 300 bulbs to be planted in the Fall for spring/summer blooms. Right after I finished the husband told me I was nuts as the squirrels would eat them all. Sure enough I went right back outside to find all these little holes in my garden where bulbs once nestled! My hopes of color in my flower beds dashed.

All that work – planning the garden (actually creating a map!), preparing the soil, planting the bulbs – all to be a feast for the fluffy-tailed beasties we have living in our trees.

BUT, this Spring little plantings sprouted much to my surprise – it started with snow Crocus’ (see photo above – ignore the violets!), then Daffodils (my favorite) – and 4 different kinds of them.

Now the Tulips have bloomed. I have some that are two feet high – seriously! And they are wonderful. There are other things that are coming up too and I don’t know the names of them – of course after I planned and prepped and planted from my ‘plan’ I lost the plan. Figures.

I am so amazed at how really strong and GOOD they look. Really, my black thumb has finally been redeemed!

And more and more keep coming! It’s beautiful! I guess 300 bulbs were too many to eat even for our chubby squirrels. AND our pear tree is in bloom too. The best thing about that is once it is finished blooming, the petals fall off and it looks like it’s snowing! First time I saw it I was at my kitchen sink doing dishes – was quite surprising but very pretty.

Now I’ve been planning a veggie garden, but as a friend pointed out, her husband won’t eat any veggie the dog can pee on – good point. So I’m struggling now with location, but I am confident I will find the perfect place and have my own veggies this summer! Can’t wait!