Get Started Cutting Coupons

I have never been one to cut coupons, but recently it has caught my eye and I seem to be coming across an endless array of coupon cutting articles and television segments.

The other day I was watching Clark Howard’s show on personal finance and he had a segment where the participant ended up saving so much that I became convinced to try.

If you are a skeptic let me tell you my story from this past weekend.

I picked up a copy of the newspaper on Sunday and I began cutting coupons. It took me about 15 minutes to cut the coupons and organize into piles by grocery store department. Then I headed to the store. I was able to save $6.75 and these were all off of items that I needed and would have purchased regardless of the coupon. I noticed some real savings and now I’m hooked.

I was given these tips in order to get started and begin saving at the grocery store:

1. Pay attention to weekly sales and seasonal sales at your grocery store; grocery stores typically rotate sales and you’ll start to notice certain items are on sale every other week or every two weeks, etc.
2. Subscribe to the Sunday paper. It cost $1.50 to purchase the paper at the grocery store, but if I subscribe to have the Sunday paper delivered it is at a cost of $1.25, go figure!
3. Begin cutting and organizing coupons by department of the grocery store. It is best to buy an accordion style organizer for this purpose.
4. Use the coupons you have accumulated for items you need to buy at the store and watch the savings build!

Does anyone else have tips for saving using coupons? I’d love to hear them!