Tuesday’s Chill Pill: A To–>Done List

This post builds on last week’s theme of having a little more fun with your to-do list.

The brilliant editors over at Lifehacker.com have found and reviewed a new web-based app called To—>Done. It’s genius! Imagine having something else tell you what you need to be working on at any given moment. That is exactly what this app does for you. You put in your to-do’s. Then it will ask you how much time you have at the moment and assign a task to you.

The first thing the To—>Done app asks you to do is input your to-do’s

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to spin the wheel and see what task it assigns you!

Simply tell the app how much time you currently have, and it will pick a task for you.

It’s amazing how much more fun it is to face your to-do’s blind! I tried it for a day and really enjoyed it. Not once did I get that overwhelmed feeling that I tend to get when i look at a looooong list. I am certain I worked more efficiently too because I was always trying to beat the clock on the assigned task.

Check it out for yourself here: To—>Done.