Come Join Our Party and Get Buttoned Up!

Come Join Our Party and Get Buttoned Up!

How Can You Get Buttoned Up?

1. Stop Chasing Perfection

The pursuit of perfection takes a superhuman effort to achieve and a superhuman effort to maintain. You have enough work on your plate already; you don’t need another full time job. So we encourage you to let the need to achieve perfection go.

2. Focus on the 20% of Tasks That Are Critical

The 80/20 rule states that in any pursuit, if you take care of a few important things (20%), you will solve 80% of your problem. The most efficient way forward is to focus on the 20% that is vital to success and spend less time on the rest.

3. Ask Others For Help

Too often, we carry an unnecessarily heavy burden—holding on to and yes, controlling, everything. We know that letting go enough to delegate effectively can be a tough challenge—but it is one worth overcoming. Just start to ditch perfection and delegation will come easier to you. Learn this valuable lesson and you will have a lighter load.

About Us.

Buttoned Up, Inc. was founded in 2004 by four women, three sisters and a best friend.

They realized the necessity for a tool like Life.doc after experiencing significant life changes − from moving across the country to setting up house after 9/11 to getting divorced after 38 years of marriage to having kids and grandkids. Each of them felt the need to get their lives organized but were unable to find products that could help them control their chaos. They wanted to be liberated from the rigid organizational systems that they bought annually and stopped using after just a few weeks.

After several years of trial, error, effort and research, they started Buttoned Up whose mission is to give women the tools they need to live an organized life not a life of organization.

The Team:

Queen Bee – Alicia @rockmore

Chief Dreamer – Sarah @sarahbuttonedup

Chief Juggler – Anne Marie @amfurie

Resident Picasso – Hollie @holliesehrt

The Party Goes On.

The fun goes on with tips and tricks to get sanely organized 24/7 365 days a year. Join us.
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