Tuesday’s Chill Pill: Time to Congratulate Yourself!

How often do you take a moment to look back at all that you have accomplished in the past week, month or even quarter?

We’re guessing not so much. We’re all great at beating ourselves up over those things on our lists that didn’t get done, but we’re less apt to celebrate all that we have accomplished. It’s time for a change.

I hereby declare today National Celebrate Your Accomplishments Day!

Before the day is out take a few minutes to look back on the past week and WRITE DOWN (yes, write down or type) ten things that you did last week that you’re proud of – large or small. Writing them down is a way to formally acknowledge your accomplishments.

Here are some examples in case you’re feeling stuck:
1. Had lots of fun on Friday afternoon making Easter cupcakes with Will – and didn’t check my email once!
2. Got a thoughtful going away gift for Mrs. Reyes.
3. Wrote funny blog post about ____.
4. Got out and walked for 20 minutes last Thursday.
5. Didn’t remake the bed after hubby made it on Saturday morning – just let it go, lumps and all.

Doesn’t that feel good? Look at how awesome you are!

If you’re feeling motivated and want to give yourself even more love – do the same looking back at the past month, and then again at the past quarter.