Monday’s Double Shot: Take A Ride on The Food Truck Trend

Have you heard about the new trend in gourmet food trucks?

It is the rage here in Los Angeles. People are following these gourmet ‘meals on wheels’ on twitter, facebook and the web and then heading out to meet them at their temporary locations for a fantastic affordable meal. Time Magazine even wrote up this phenomenon a few weeks ago.

I must admit that I have followed two trucks regularly for about 6 months now: The Kogi BBQ truck and the Grilled Cheese truck.

Each week I look to see where they are going to be and usually find that when the trucks are convenient to me, I am not around and when I am around, the trucks are not. And so it went….until Friday!
Grilled cheese truck DONE

Friday the Grilled Cheese Truck was around the corner from me for lunch.

With Lucy and her friends on Spring Break, I got a group of 8 of us together and we made the pilgrimage to the Grilled Cheese Truck for lunch and it was WORTH THE WAIT! What a fun experience! I would say there were about 50 people there each as excited as us for lunch and to share in the trend. We waited and then came the big moment…eating the food. It was amazing!! I had sharp cheddar grilled cheese with tomatoes with a shot of tomato soup and Lucy had mac n cheese and tater tots. Next time I am going to try either the Nutella, marshmallow and banana treat or the mac n cheese sandwich!

So here is what I learned from this:

-It is fun to try new things and new trends and while this could have been a complete bust, it still would have been fun. What fun things can you do now or this summer with your family to just try something new?

-The group experience of eating on the grass with lots of people sharing the experience was a big part of the fun. So get out, enjoy meeting new people and talking to strangers. It can be fun!

Here is how you can get aboard the food truck trend.

1. In your city, google food truck and your city name and see what comes up.
2. In LA, go to:
3. Follow the grilled cheese truck @grlldcheesetruk and Kogi @KOGIBBQ

Have fun! And enjoy!!