Friday’s Game Plan: Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! My parents always had the day planned with Easter Egg hunts and huge baskets of goodies, it is really a sweet tooth’s person’s dream day!

In keeping up with my New Years Resolution to “be green,” I’ve discovered some clever ways to re-use those Easter goodies!

Eggshells – start a compost; eggshells are one of the ingredients! Also, use broken shells to clean vases, put the eggshells in the bottom of the vase and add soap and warm water, the shells act as a scrubbing agent!

Plastic Eggs – Store and re-use the shells in the future, there is no need to purchase new ones every year.

Cellophane Shreds – If you purchase the cellophane material to stuff your baskets with, be sure to reuse them when sending gifts later in the year.

Baskets/Buckets – I have a few different ideas regarding baskets, for years I had the same Easter basket that my Mom had decorated for me when I was little. Every year my brother and I would use the same one, which was great and I loved it. This is great, because it cuts down on the amount of baskets you do purchase. However, if you do purchase a new basket every year, consider re-using the basket for something else. Think a receptacle for magazines or the perfect holder for a host gift, or for delivering a meal to a sick friend. Buckets can also have multiple uses and the colorful ones are a great option for Easter!

Does anyone have any other ideas for reusing Easter goodies?