Cool Find: NeatDesk

Have you seen the NeatDesk or NeatReceipt scanners before?

I first noticed them at a Kiosk in the Dallas/Ft Worth Airport. I thought they were interesting but as someone who preaches simplicity and getting rid of things, I just didn’t think I needed it. After all I have a scanner and a fax. I was certain I didn’t need another gadget.

I was wrong.

I love the NeatDesk. It is a scanner that organizes for you. I may actually mothball my scanner in the next week or so and just use it. It does what I love which is saves me time and stress.
Neat Desk 2 DONE

Here is what I love about the NeatDesk (in no particular order):

1. Easy scanner for business cards that then can be exported into Outlook. It is sized so everything scans just right.
2. Creates searchable PDF files. Love this
3. Simple to use. Didn’t even need to read directions to understand how it works
4. Very easy to scan in receipts and output an expense report.

Have a look at their site for additional information but take it from me, this one is worth a look at. Think of it as a scanner on steroids!

Disclosure: We received a NeatDesk so we could review this product for this post.
That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and no one edited our post or directed our content in any way.