Organizing Your Online Identity

It seems like every other day I am registering for some sort of online resource and I’m starting to feel just a little out of control as to where I am online! Suffice it to say I have no idea how many places or profiles I have set up online.

In order to create an effective personal brand one must first organize what they currently have, so you can more easily move in a clear direction. I’ve read a lot of articles recently discussing the importance of your online personal brand and I’ll provide a few examples below (which I think will help shed some light on the magnitude of importance).

1) Future Job Opportunities – As the saying goes, “if you aren’t online, you don’t exist.”

2) Technology Changes -The world is changing fast and new technology enters the marketplace, and if you don’t learn to manage it, it will be managed for you. (You have the ability to help shape what is said about you online).

3) Try an online ID Calculator to see where you currently stack up!

Now that I have built some context around why it is important, lets discuss how you can begin to organize your online brand.

1) Create lists and delete! Compile a list of websites that you have profiles on, what are your usernames and passwords, and lastly what is the function of each. Now, delete anything that’s not useful or not moving you towards your end goal (both personal and professional). Example, five years ago I signed up for a travel website so that I could gather information for a college project, to this day that item still shows up third on a Google search of me.

2) Consistency – A myriad of photos can be used for various websites, but try and keep the image professional and consistent. Keep it to 2-3 different pictures and make sure your bios are similar to one another.

3) Search yourself! – This goes back to point 3 from above, figure out what exactly is being mentioned about you, record anything that stands out to you both good and bad.

4) Create your own website – this is an easy way to compile all the work you are doing and to make sure people know exactly who you are. You can aggregate all of your online information in one spot and create an easy way for people to find you!

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful for organizing your online brand!