Friday’s Game Plan: Car Maintenance

The shift to Spring is a good time to think about your car! After all the harsh winter weather has (hopefully) come to an end and the summer sun is going to be shining on us soon enough!

The weekend is just about the only time I can accomplish anything with my car, because I need it Monday through Friday! I’m going to take this weekend to get my car in order!

The following four items need to be scheduled and in my calendar or I can definitely forget about them.

1. Maintenance appointments – schedule an appointment twice a year, to have your car tuned up and examined by an expert!

2. Fluid Changes – check your owner’s manual for the mileage recommendation between transmission fluid maintenance.

3. Check Tires – You should check your tires daily to make sure you don’t have a flat tire and pumping them up should be apart of regular car maintenance to ensure your car is running efficiently.

4. Clean – Pamper your car with a good cleaning inside and out!

After this weekend, my car will surely be up and running to it’s best ability!