Lucy Gives It Two Thumbs Up!

Lucy (my 8 year old) and I had the opportunity in working with Mom Central (Sarah and I do the Organized Moms Blog for them) to preview the upcoming DVD of Free Willy – Escape From Pirates Cove starring Bindi Irwin and Beau Bridges.

The DVD is coming out March 23rd (this Tuesday). We then had a chance to interview Bindi for this post. Lucy is going to give you her perspective in her own words (she wrote it by hand, I typed it) and then I will add in a few things at the end. Here goes…

Lucy’s Take.

I liked Free Willy – Escape From Pirates Cove because Bindi Irwin is a good actress. My favorite scenes in the movie are when Kirra (Bindi) finds the Orca and names him Willy, when Kirra is riding Willy, and when Kirra drops her ice cream cone on the dock and Willy tries to eat it. I think kids who like animals would like this movie (I did) because it is all about Orcas.
Free Willy

I also got to interview Bindi Irwin.

This is what I asked her:

1. Did you really get to ride the whale?
Bindi: It was a bit of movie magic

2. Did you like the way the movie turned out?
Bindi: It was my first movie and yes I loved how it turned out

3. Did you become friends with Sifiso (a boy who co-starred in the movie)?
Bindi: I became friends with him but I thought he was 12 until I met him and he told me he was 16.

4. How old are you?
Bindi: 11

5. Was the movie really filmed in South Africa?
Bindi: Yes it was in an area near Cape Town.

My Take.

Free Willy – Escape From Pirates Cove was an adorable family movie most kids (and their parents) would enjoy. The story while predictable holds your attention and the scenes in South Africa with the wildlife are just beautiful. They also add in some humor and great music that I really enjoyed. I was ready not to like the movie…you know….haven’t there been enough Free Willy movies already? Within 10 minutes I was sold. Bindi Irwin is a talented girl who makes you smile and Beau Bridges (he is her grandfather) is terrific in this. This would be the perfect movie to buy on iTunes to have your kids watch on their next plane or car trip or even better buy it and watch it on a Friday family movie night.

When we met Bindi (and her mom) she was poised beyond her years and so gracious to Lucy who is still a bit shy doing this.

She told her that Beau Bridges taught her a lot about acting (Lucy likes to act) and that she should buy a book Beau told her about called Acting: The First Six Lessons. She also told her that her fans can reach her on twitter at @ Bindis_ZooCrew. She tweets herself and likes to leave people with a happy thought every day. She not only won over lucy but me too! Cant wait to see what she does next.

Disclosure: We were given a copy of the DVD in doing this post. No one edited our post or directed our content in any way.