Celebrate Passover in 140 Characters Or Less!

So I am at the airport waiting for my plane relaxing with a Lipton Diet Ice Tea and the Wall Street Journal.

On the front page, I am drawn to the headline, “How To Perk Up Passover’s Plagues? Twitter, Charades & Jewpardy.” What could this possibly be? But since I am always looking for fun new traditions to celebrate the holiday, I read on with anticipation.

Well it seems that a Rabbi, Rabbi Oren Hayon, and some of his friends decided this year to tell the story of Passover on Twiter.

YES! On Twitter! It started on Tuesday and goes until March 29th. It is part of a trend, the article says, to “immerse Jews in the age old text by giving it a modern spin, connecting the trials of the past with the touchstones of the present.” The WSJ article promises that the Twitter story will include American Idol clips, movie clips and even doctor information on boils.

The story is told via lots of ‘characters’ like @slavedrivers and @PharaohofEgypt.

All I can say is that I can’t wait.

So what did I do? Well once I got settled into my hotel room, I went on and followed @tweettheexodus. It is fun and entertaining and truly a different spin on the holiday. Why did I like it so much? If I had to analyze that, I would say it is because I love Passover and the story of the holiday. This is a way outside of the Sedar with lots of people and kids and chaos, to remember the story and take a moment to pause and appreciate life. Yes, it is with a sense of humor. But what is wrong with that? After all smiling, laughing and fun are just some of the things I enjoy in my life.

How do you join in on the fun?

All you have to do is sign into your twitter account (if you don’t have one, go to Twitter.com to sign up) and use a program like Tweetdeck (tweetdeck.com and it is free) to track the tweets. Then go to twiter.com/tweettheexodus , follow them, and keep checking back to see all of the updates. Let me know what you think and Happy Passover!