Moomah’s Do-it-Together Projects

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Moomah’s Do-it-Together Projects


– household grains, spices, and seeds (such as; red lentils, green lentils, quinoa,couscous, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, lavender, thyme, chamomile, bay leaves, etc.)

– small paper cups

– glue stick

– wet glue such as; Mod Podge, Elmers, or tacky glue)

– paint brush or sponge brush

– black, Kraft or white cover stock (11 x 17 or 12 x 12 works best)

– silhouettes (you can cut out your own or use an already made image)

– art table or workspace

– paper towels

– broom or vacuum for quick clean up

– additional: standard 12 x 19 or 14 x 14 shallow (1/4 inch) shadow box frame.


1. Glue the silhouette down onto the paper

2. Next, pour the different spices, lentils and seeds into small paper cups

3. After, let your child smell the spices and explore with them where they come from or how what kind of dishes are made with them

4. let your child brush on or pour glue on top of the paper

5. Then sprinkle spices, seeds and grains onto the paper in a loose format or make patterns and shapes

6. If you have a frame, add it to your gallery and hang it on the wall!


This project is especially wonderful for little ones (ages 2 -4)! The tactile experience is rich and natural and it’s a great way for children to explore food.

Buy a couple of standard size frames for your home and cover stock. Change out the frames as often as you like and create a gallery wall for your child! Have exhibits with some great eats or invite friends over. Framing artwork can be a great way of honoring your child’s work and a great way for you to organize your art collection.

Small Image completed project

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