Friday’s Game Plan: Closet Overhaul

My closet never seems to have enough space for all of my things! This weekend I plan to get it under control by making a few key purchases. The following items are on my list to help me makeover my closet!

1. Velvet Hangers serve two purposes, for one they are a great space saver. Uniform hangers allow for more space within the closet. Secondly they keep my clothes from slipping off.

2. Handbag organizer – I came across this unique organizer, which helps preserve the shape of handbags! You can also use this organizer for linens or towels.
Purse Organizer

3. Sweater Organizer – this organizer adjusts to your closet dimensions. You can use the shelves to store jeans, sweaters, and other garments. It also has four stretchy side pockets for storing belts, scarves, and other small accessories.
Sweater Organizer

4. Underbed Storage Bags – these work great for storing items you don’t need at the moment. They protect sweaters, off-season clothes, linens, and bedding.
Underbed Storage

I’m looking for other suggestions, what are some of your favorite closet products?