Wednesday’s Dose of Sunshine: The Happy Virus

The Happy Virus

a little diddy by the great Persian poet Hafiz

I caught the happy virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars.
It is remarkably contagious –
So kiss me.

Sometimes a little change of perspective is all you need to make tackling a chore, like organizing your desk, or figuring out summer camp options for you 4 year-old, a little less daunting. Consider what you might do to catch the happy virus now before taking on that thing.

I looked at two pictures (below) taken this past week and all of a sudden figuring out a set of regular summer activities for Will went from being a chore to something I felt lucky to get to do – be a curator of fun for the little boy who brings me such joy. Cheesy? Probably. But then again, this is the guy who, once I helped him put on his socks this morning, looked down at his two feet and said “Perfect. And Perfect! Thanks mom!”

Chore schmore. Bring on the cheese and color me happy!

The new trend - carrot facials

The new trend - carrot facials

Snow shoveling inspector

Don't mess with the snow shoveling inspector