Get Organized For Spring TV

I don’t know about you but besides loving this time of year because the days are getting longer and the warmer, I also love TV.

It is the best of the new shows coming in to start mid season and the old favorites (can anyone say ‘LOST’) winding down for season or series finales. Many of us have Tivos or DVRs and yet we often miss shows we really want to watch. Remember, save it now….watch it this summer when nothing great is on.

So how do you figure out what to try out and sample and what cant be missed shows you need to schedule to watch?

It is really very simple and does not take much time to do. I use something called SEND.
S-pecial Events
E-nd of Shows
N-ew Shows
D-ays of the Week

Special Events – What specials or one time shows are going to be on TV that I do not want to miss.? These include for me:
-Oprah’s Oscar Show – March 4th 10PM EST, ABC
-Barbara Walters Oscar Special – March 7th (before or after the Oscars depending on what time zone you are in)
-Academy of Country Music Awards – April 18th 8PM EST, CBS
You probably have annual events you do not want to miss and ones you hear about but do not want to forget. When you see an ad for them or remember them, put it in your calendar as a reminder so you watch it live or capture it on your DVR.

End of Shows – You want to make sure to catch all of your season finales for your must see shows. Google the show name plus season finale to get the dates now and put it in your calendar. The ones I am most looking forward to:
-American Idol – Can’t find yet
-LOST – May 23rd

New Shows – There are not too many this time around I am looking forward to. I would love any suggestions if you have any. I am not sure I am going to watch Parenthood or The Marriage Ref although they are getting a lot of attention in the media. The one I am looking forward to is Who Do You Think You Are (NBC on March 5th at 8PM EST). It is a show where celebrities trace their family tree. Looks like it could be interesting. Of course, if you have not seen Undercover Boss, give it a try. We love it at our house.

Days of The Week – Finally, for all of your regular must watch shows, put them on a season pass to record so you don’t miss a single one. It is really as easy as set it and forget it.

I would love to hear what you do to remember to watch your favorite shows and what shows you love that I may not currently be watching.