Friday’s Game Plan: Donating Unused Items!

In preparation for my move, I have begun the task of sorting, organizing, and in fact creating a give-away pile.

When organizing belongings, it is a lot easier to part with the things you think you love most if you know they are going to a great organization. The following is a list of organizations that will accept the belongings you no longer need and place them where they can be used!

• Check with your local Goodwill for donation guidelines
• Look for nonprofit organizations that specialize in redistributing technology such as National Cristina Foundation
• Check out Computer Recycling Center and Computers and Education ( which provides refurbished computers to schools and community nonprofits.

Cell Phones
• Donate your old cell phone to The Wireless Foundation’s Call to Protect ( who outfits victims of domestic abuse with refurbished cell phones so they can call 911.

Eye Glasses
• Lions Club International ( runs a recycling program that delivers glasses to those in need all over the world. You can drop off your old specks at LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, and Target Optical.

I’ve realized the overall goal is to determine which items can be donated as soon as something new is purchased. If you have an old computer lying around that you haven’t used, the time to donate it is now, not later when you are getting ready to move. Living a simplified and organized life is much easier to do when items are purged as soon as they are no longer needed. Hopefully this process will be easier, by knowing that your items will be going to good use!