The Moment Jar

I was having dinner with my family the other night and a friend of the family stopped over to join. Everyone started catching up and one thing led to another and the friend and my Mom started sharing stories and memories that had us all breaking into laughter.

Now jump to yesterday and I came across the idea of a “Moment Jar.” A “Moment Jar” is exactly like what it sounds like, a jar to store memories. We all have favorite moments that just cause us to laugh uncontrollably or quotes or advice that someone gives to us and inevitably during difficult times we somehow have a hard time of remembering these moments. As much as I try to organize my thoughts every night, I sometimes fall short. But, I think the “Moment Jar” is a quick pick me up and easy to use.

Write down your favorite memories on dedicated pieces of paper and stick them in a glass jar. Whenever you need a quick laugh or a warm memory dig through the jar and read one. Try writing down one favorite memory each day before you go to bed and the next morning retrieve a different one before you leave for the day. You might just find that every morning is a little more bright and happy! As time goes on, it becomes a great reminder to keep in touch with that favorite person ☺

There is also a website whose mission is to record everyone’s memory at