Creating a Simple List

Sometimes our lives become so frazzled that it becomes near impossible to tackle all of our to-do list items each day. We have great intentions to do better everyday, but some days we won’t be able to accomplish anything.

Creating a simple list of 9 things you can do every day no matter what will help you stay organized and have a sense of accomplishment. I came across the following list from one of my favorite blog writers (

1. Make your bed.
2. Wear sunscreen.
3. Wear your seat belt.
4. Jump up and down a few times.
5. Pick up one object that’s in the wrong place and put it away.
6. Go for a ten-minute walk outside.
7. Eat a fruit or vegetable.
8. Put your keys away in the same place.
9. Touch everyone in your house with affection.

A few others:
1. Stretch.
2. Drink water.
3. Read the top 3 news articles.

What are some of your simple items? At the end of every busy day, you can feel happy and accomplished by being able to check off of these quick and simple items!