Tuesday’s Chill Pill: Get Your Netflix Queue Buttoned Up

If you’re a movie lover, but lacking the time or money (or both) to get to the theater, rental services, like Netflix, are a gift.

However, trying to pick out the movies to put in your queue can be a little daunting. Sticking to to the tried-and-true blockbuster list is likely to get a little boring, while throwing caution to the wind on lesser-known films can backfire – who wants to waste a precious evening watching a bad film?

Leonard Maltin’s 151 Movies You’ve Never Seen, which A hit the shelves last week, is a reference book that will help you pick gem after gem.

Mr. Maltin, a film critic and historian, has hand-picked 151 praiseworthy films from famous directors, like Capra and Sean Penn, and unknown, independent film makers. Pick up a copy and you’ll never be bored.
151 movies