Friday’s Game Plan: Planning for a Ski Trip!

I’m headed out for a ski trip to Tahoe on this long holiday weekend and I’m so excited for the scenery and snow activities!

Organizing yourself for a ski trip involves a lot of different elements. I have devised a system that I will use for this trip below:

1. Packing clothes – A few tips on packing in order to stay warm. Bring multiple pair of socks and base layers. Wool socks work the best as well as base layers that are made from fabrics that wick away water to keep your skin dry. Ski pants and jackets, hats, scarves, and wool sweaters are sure to keep you warm while braving the winter temperatures.
2. Gear – If you have your own gear make sure to pack it, but if you are renting gear before you go make sure to get it before your trip and make sure it is the right size!
3. Road – If you are traveling by car to reach your destination, be prepared with maps and various routes to your destination as well as chains, blankets, and an emergency kit, just in case!
4. Food/Snacks – Outdoor sports burn a lot of calories. Skiing down a mountain for 5 hours takes a lot of energy and also the body has to keep you warm, which takes additional energy. Makes sure to pack plenty of water and snacks to have on the mountain.
5. Sunscreen – Sunscreen gets its own category, because this is one of the most important products to pack! Make sure to lather it on before you hit the slopes and you will be protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging rays!

Happy Winter!