Vacation Planning with Evernote

I recently returned from a girls weekend in Chicago.  It was my first vacation since Lexi was born.  And as any person with children will tell you that even if you do get away from home with your children (in my experience) it isn’t so much a vacation as it is a “family get away” not that it isn’t enjoyable…it is…but it is not vacation.  It’s like how there should be a different word for tired for parents then for people that don’t have children…you may be tired but you’re not *tired*.

This vacation did something very good for my soul and last night as I was documenting all the goodness of the trip I decided I needed a new Evernote notebook for Vacations.  I hear people mention great vacations, tips on locations, restaurants in their home towns that they adore and I decided that I need a place to put all this good stuff.

Tell me – what’s your home town and whats the one place I need to go and the one thing I need to eat while visiting?

If you’re visiting Chicago may I recommend: South Water Kitchen for breakfast, Gino’s East for lunch and Quartino’s for dinner.  And if you have time for a massage the Exhale spa was fantastic, the meditation area, the massage rooms, the rain shower, the white tea products, the whole thing – it’s just GOOD.