Thursday’s Carrot: How to Host the Best Super Bowl Party

How do you host a great Super Bowl party?

It only takes a little bit of pre-planning to become the perfect party host. I have listed below some tips and ideas that can make your Super Bowl party a huge success.

1. Food

Most people will come to your Super Bowl party hungry believing there will be snacks to munch on. Don’t let them down if you want to host a great Super Bowl Party.

  1. It doesn’t have to be a main course but just small snacks – Finger food appetizers will work nicely.
  2. Bags of chips are always a nice touch, too. Dipping sauces like ranch, french onion and salsa are usually good selections.
  3. Don’t forget to have plenty of alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages and ice.
  4. Consider doing a food theme, either based on where the teams are from or based on the host city, Miami.
  5. Set out the food so the guests can help themselves whenever they’re ready. Set the appetizers out on a table or counter along with paper plates and napkins. (Team colors provide the festive spirit!)
  6. Have everyone chip in and bring something to eat or drink to the party.
  7. Check out some of these great recipes below:

    Caribbean Chicken Wings

    Shrimp-Jalapeno Poppers

    Buffalo Chex Mix

2) Televisions

It’s nice to have one big screen television that most people can see. You might have to bring in a few extra television sets depending on how big your Super Bowl party is. The last thing you want in a Super Bowl party is not having enough room for everyone to see.

3) Places to Sit

Sure it may be fun for your Super Bowl party guests to mingle, stand and talk with other guests. There comes a point when your Super Bowl party guests will want to have a seat. Make sure there are enough chairs, seats and places to get comfy for each of your guests. The last thing someone wants to do at a Super Bowl party is play musical chairs with the other guests.

4) Entertainment

Although the football game (and commercials!) will provide most of the entertainment, it’s also fun to have additional games that go along with the game. Here are some game ideas below:

  1. The 10×10 grid pool is one of the most popular, as it allows multiple winners for the scores at each quarter and game’s end.
  2. Keep score of the commercials! Sometimes those are what guests come to watch. Keep track of favorites—or sort by pre-assigned categories—and rate. See if you agree with the TV pundits picks.
  3. Look for ways to entertain the kids. Plan football toss contests, training-camp obstacle course runs—inside if space permits or outside if weather permits—to use up some pent-up energy. Or play some pre-game or half-time touch football—outside, of course!
  4. Don’t forget to award prizes!

5) Decorate

One of our Buttoned Up Gurus, Anne Marie, talks about fun ways to decorate for the party and how you can enlist your kids to help! Check out the video blog below for fun tips and ideas:

And don’t forget to have fun!!!