Friday’s Game Plan: Getting Ready for Race Day!

Next weekend I’ll be running a 10k on Superbowl Sunday morning.

I’m excited about the run and have been training for it. A 10k may not seem like much, but for me it feels like a marathon (I am definitely not a runner). I’ve run 5k’s before, but never anything further. What I’ve discovered by running shorter distances and a triathlon is that getting organized for race day is just as important as the training. People who run marathons can attest to this! This weekend I plan to prepare for my race day!

There are a few key steps to getting organized. One is getting organized the week before the race. This includes knowing the course, creating a checklist, and preparing the mind and body.

• Knowing the course involves reading the course map and understanding the route
• Creating a checklist will minimize the morning of the race stress, making sure I have all the items I need at my disposal and any items I need immediately after the race in my bag
• Preparing my mind and body involves getting extra rest the week before, eating right, and hydrating!

By taking the time to prepare the weekend before, I will be better able to stay focused on only the race!