Conducting an Organized Job Search

One-half of US employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, up from two-fifths 10 years ago.

This is a staggering statistic and perhaps you have found yourself thinking that it is time to move on. It is important to conduct a job search in an organized fashion ensuring that you will find a rewarding and successful new job in order to minimize a repeat of the last one.

The first step in finding a new job is to look for jobs you are truly passionate about. The ones that get you excited just thinking about, one that you can envision to be rewarding not only professionally but also personally. How do you go about narrowing your search in order to find this?

Start a blank document on your computer and make three columns. In column one, write down all the names of people who have jobs that inspire you. In the middle, write down the type of work they do. In the last column, put check marks from 1-5 in order of how passionate you feel about the jobs, 1 = okay, 5 = very inspired. Remember to think broad, don’t limit yourself, the world is a big place and anything is possible.

Next, screen the list against two criteria: job market conditions (especially important in today’s economy) and your likely competitiveness for the job (how do your skills and experience stack up?).

The next step is to thoroughly research this paired down list. Reach out to friends or people in your network who are currently in that role or industry. Talk to people, asking questions are vital during this stage; what capabilities are required? What entry should be used? How can you strengthen your skills before you make the leap? Reach out to your extended networks as well; the college or university you attended can be a great resource to find people who are willing to answer questions.

Narrowing down your search will help you stay focused and will ensure that your job search pays off in the short and long run.