The Stuff I Didn’t Do List

There is a note in my Evernote account that I detest.  I loathe this note.  And sure, I could totally just delete the note but it wouldn’t delete the contents.  It’s a list of nagging items.  Things that I have left undone, unsaid, unfinished, unwanted.  I should call it my Un-List.  Because I Un-Love it.

Back around Thanksgiving I had this unsettled feeling and after talking to a few people about the feeling someone suggested I make a list of all the stuff that I feel like I abandoned.  So I started making the list.  And then when I opened my desk drawer I added to the list.  And then when I opened that hall closet I added to the list some more.  And then when I went to my inbox….that 3rd or 4th page of inbox… I added more to the list.  The list was overwhelming.  The list was holding me back.

I had to look at the list and the items on it and make a decision:

REMOVE IT and be okay with that.  Example:  Basically any crafty sewing project I’ve ever attempted with the exception of my picnic blanket.  Knitting (yarn, needles and tote bag), Baby Blankets (fabric, trim, thread), scrapbooks (and all the supplies one would ever need to make a scrapbook).  I let these projects go. They weren’t bringing ME pleasure so I donated the supplies to a local youth group where I’m sure they’ll give a few people great pleasure.

RELEASE OWNERSHIP.  Example: Helping a family member renew their passport.  This was on my list, I had the paperwork printed for this renewal and everything.  The thing is it’s not MINE to do.  If the person wanted to renew their passport – they would – and I don’t need to be involved in this process.  I’m not sure why I was putting myself in this loop but I want out.  A shocking number of items fell in this category for me.  I’m apparently a task owner.

COMMIT to doing it.  Example: Schedule a dentist appointment.  Apologize to someone you were unkind to.  Get a new container for all the household tools.  Balance my check book….like really.  Run a credit report.  Evaluate my cell phone plan.

I can tell you that now that my list is just the items in the COMMIT department I feel better – there isn’t this looming sinking feeling of what I didn’t do.  Days when I’ve hit a wall on the day-to-day stuff that always needs to be done (laundry, dishes, meals, repeat) I go to my list COMMIT list and I do one thing.  Just one.  I just do it.  They aren’t things that I love to do (duh, they wouldn’t be on there if they were) but I do feel SO accomplished when I knock just one of those things off the list.

If you had one thing on your nagging list to check off today what would it be?