Monday’s Double Shot: My Simple Tips For Organizing For My Book Club

Last year I joined a book club….my first one.

I joined the book club not because I love to read (I don’t) but because it was a terrific opportunity to have a regular ‘girls night out’ with some interesting women.

As I said yes to the club, I immediately could feel my stress level rise.

How am I going to read a book a month? I barely read my issue of People Magazine. How can I organize myself so that I not only read the book but enjoy it and then make the most of the book club gathering?

I am happy to report that a year in, I am loving my book club and even (dare I say it) enjoying reading.

So for all of you who are just like me and want to start to read more or even join up or start a book club, here are my easy tips for success:

1. I buy or order my book club book the day after the last book club gathering. This gives me the maximum amount of days to read my book.

2. I like big print books so I treat myself to hard back books instead of paperbacks. Just makes it easier for me to enjoy it and I am, after all, only reading one book a month.

3. I figure out how many pages I need to read each day to have the book done 3 or so days before the next book club. This gives me bite sized goals but also a few days of cushion in case I am not perfect (I’m not).

4. Then each day I read the number of pages I am supposed to. I try to set up a set time each day to do this so it is like having an appointment in my calendar. The one that seems to work best is the time while Lucy is doing her homework.

It is really that simple.

So far there is only one book I did not read – again I am not perfect and it was over the winter holidays. I give myself a B+ for reading and an A for having a good time doing something different. Please share any tips you have as well. I would love any more ideas to help me.