Cool Find: The Overdue Book Calendar 2010

As I glance over to my bookshelf I can see two books that I need to return to my university’s library.

Without having found the receipt randomly the other day in my purse from November when I checked them out, I would have be fined two dollars a day per book! Thank goodness I was reminded this time, but next time I better keep track.

This adorable, and simply brilliant “Overdue Book Calendar” from auntjune’s shop on etsy is a perfect find for keeping tabs on of all your checked out library books.

I know it would be perfect for my nieces and nephews seeing as how they manage to pick at least four books every time we visit the library.

My favorite thing about this sweet find, aside from it being such a cute and practical calendar? It is reasonably priced!

The fine from one day of my books being overdue could pay for this gem! Check it out here.