Sports Gear Organization

My parents bought a road bike for me for Christmas and I have quickly become a cyclist.

But, I had no idea how much gear one could collect in such a short amount of time. I have a helmet, gloves, bike clothes, bike tubes, tools, water bottles, a wireless distance remote, etc. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture! I went out for a ride this past Saturday and I had planned to leave at a certain time, but I realized by the time I got all my gear together, an extra 45 minutes had passed! Something needed to be done.

Everyone has a stack of sports gear shoved in the closet or loose in the car. I find that by getting your gear in an organized order, you can get out and enjoy your activities much quicker and with less frustration! I decided to swing by the Container Store in order to get some bins that would be appropriate for my gear. I originally thought about getting one big container and throwing all my sports gear inside, but the reality is, I have so much that I would still be digging through the bin and wasting time. Smaller and mid size containers seemed much more appropriate. They had square storage boxes (pictured above) that did just the trick. I was able to get one for my bike, tennis, and swimming gear. I also picked up an extra one for miscellaneous items (or just in case I pick up another sport). The square boxes fit perfectly in my closet and I can see right through the boxes so I know I’ll be able to find my gear and be out on the bike path in no time at all!