Save Time & Money & Rethink Old Ways

2010 is now in full swing and I am working hard to keep my new year’s resolutions.

Some I have not been 100% successful at – exercising 5 times a week – but some I have been able to keep with ease — look at my daily habits and see how I can make them even more efficient. I must say that relooking at the things I do daily without taking a pause (e.g. what I pack Lucy for lunch, what newspapers we get) and seeing how I can make changes to save me time, money, or ideally both has been a fun adventure thus far.

I started (and you might want to join me in this adventure as well….it is still January after all) by making a list of the things I do and the services I have for both me and the house.

Once I had that list I then used our Buttoned Up 80/20 rule to focus on the top 5 things I thought I could make the biggest impact on. Top of that list was how to save time and money with all of my on line shopping.

I love (let me say it again…love) to shop on line and pretty much buy everything I can that way.

I find it saves me time and money and I am very proud of how I have a system to take care of just about everything I need. For example, all of our vitamins come from GNC and I have a gold card membership so the prices cannot be beat. I use an online office supply site for all of our home office needs and have a member rewards program with them that via rebates and coupons allows me to save big and get free delivery. I also do quite a bit of on line shopping for staples for the house. I buy things like bathroom items (e.g. shampoo), household items (e.g. detergent) and even kitchen staples and diapers for my 18 month old nephew. I knew getting average savings. The site I used had free shipping so that was a plus. But I couldn’t help but feel there was more savings (time & money) to be had out there. Then I found ALICE.

Alice is my new best friend of the new year and she should be yours too.

I think of Alice as my partner in buying household staples so I maximize my savings, don’t have to leave my house and don’t have to keep track of when I will run out of things or keep track of my spending.

But let Alice tell you herself:

Alice provides you a better way to manage all of your household essentials online. You tell Alice what you buy—choosing from great deals on 1000’s of products—and Alice goes to work. We organize all of your products, find coupons and deals for you, remind you when you might be running low, and help you order just the items you need so you can avoid that trip to the corner drugstore or the big-box store. And all this convenience comes direct to your door with free shipping included

Here is what I love about (in no particular order):

1. Shipping is always free – 6 items minimum BUT when I tried to check out with fewer items they told me since I was new and didn’t know, they would let me still have free shipping – now that’s customer service!
2. I can look at my budgeting without doing anything. By category, by month. It is so simple and easy to track my spending
3. Savings by doing NOTHING – They have the coupons so no clipping. They calculate and show me what percentage the savings are so I can easily make tradeoffs and decisions. They even show you the cost per items which was great when I was buying the diapers. So I save MORE and don’t have to waste any time in doing so.
4. I can search for green & organic items .

5. Items are packed VERY WELL, arrive in tact and I don’t have to lug any heavy ones from my car to the doorstep.

I am now using

Alice for everything household.

So all of our bathroom, cleaning, laundry and even kithe staples that I used to buy on line or even Target, I am now switching over to Alice. She is going to save me a lot of money (and who doesn’t like that) without me doing anything (e.g. no coupon clipping)….that sounds like a great idea to me. It just goes to show that while I was saving already by doing this kind of shopping on line and found sites where shipping was free, sometimes with just a little extra effort you can find even better, simpler options to use.

Disclosure: This is sponsored content and we have been paid to do this post. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.