Can I Tell The Difference? The Lincoln Test

I am very excited to say that the Buttoned Up team is going to be working with White Cloud over the next six months trying out many of their products and learning a lot about how we can all save time and money – and who doesn’t want to do that?

We are also going to be working with some great fellow bloggers that we will introduce you to as well.

They are an amazing group of women that you will probably enjoy hearing from too. Each of us has our unique point of view but all of us are committed to giving our fellow readers great information, tips and ideas that we all use ourselves.

So now on to our first challenge.

We were sent a very pretty box of paper towels this weekend. Inside the box are two rolls of paper towels: (1) Roll A; and (2) Roll B. Our challenge is to try them both and see which if any we prefer. Later on, we will learn (as will all of you) if we chose White Cloud or something else. Now I must say this is a bold move and an impressive one from White Cloud because they are setting us loose to see what we prefer and while of course, they hope, we choose their product, they have no control over if that is the one we like best. What that says to me already is that they have a great product and are very confident we will think so too.
paper towels DONE

How should we go about ‘testing’ the paper towels?

I clean but would not consider myself a cleaning expert. Should I put the towels through some sort of torture test? What criteria am I going to use to see which one I prefer? After much thought, I decided to go for a 3 prong test:
(1) Visual Inspection
(2) Feel and Texture Test
(3) The Lincoln Test (more on that later)

Visual Inspection.

This is an easy one. Roll A is bigger and has more sheets. Roll A’s sheets are also perforated at half sheets so I don’t have to use an entire sheet if I don’t need one. Roll B’s are not.
Winner: Roll A

Feel & Texture Test.

Both feel like typical paper towels. They are not too soft but also not too rough. They both seem to have the right texture to absorb water and spills. Winner: Tie

The Lincoln Test.

This is the real torture test of use. I let my 21 month old nephew, Lincoln, come over and spill a few things around our kitchen. It didn’t take long. He managed to spill things like orange juice (sticky and needs some scrubbing), water (how much will the towels absorb) and even some crumbs that needed to get picked up. I then went to work cleaning up. Some of the time I wet down the towels, sometimes I used them dry. It was a very close call. Both worked well and I would buy either one for picking up stuff BUT I must say that because Roll A is a bigger roll (means I run out of them less often) and I could use ½ sheets if I needed to, they were my favorite. Winner: Roll A

Of course the one piece of information missing here is the cost.

If Roll B were significantly less expensive than Roll A, then they might be the one I prefer. But for now, if I assume that Roll A and Roll B cost about the same then Roll A is my winner! It has more sheets, works well and lets you have more flexibility in how big of a sheet you use.
(Cant wait to see what brand I chose!).

Give White Cloud a try. They are sold at Walmart and are a great value. If you go to their site they also offer some great coupons as well. Let us know what you think.

1/21/10 UPDATE: Roll A (MY PICK) is the new White Cloud Green Earth 100% recycled paper towel roll. WOW! Great Value and help out the earth! I am soooo happy I like it that much!

Disclosure: This is sponsored content and we have been paid to do this post. That being said, we do not blog about anything we do not believe in and White Cloud did not edit our post or direct our content in any way.