I am a former spiritual director with a Masters degree in theology. Over the years of working as a spiritual director and providing pastoral care and religious education, I have noticed that a serious lack of organization goes hand-in-hand with certain forms of spiritual malaise. It’s as if the state of one’s home or office offers a window to one’s soul or psyche. Because of that, and probably because I was raised in an uptight German immigrant community–I have for some time considered becoming a professional organizer. How does one go about achieving such a goal?

The first step we would suggest is to contact the National Association of Professional Organizers.  They have a program to become certified and offer classes throughout the year.  They cover everything you will need to know to start a professional organizing business from business strategy to marketing to resources and networking.  Got to http://www.napo.net/ to learn more about the profession and get started. Please let us know how it goes and if you found what you needed at NAPO.