How I use Evernote to organize my child’s medicine and vaccines

It’s that time of year when the sickness spreads fast and furious and the hope of a window opening warm day is a very distant dream still.  With all of the medicine and with vaccinations around us I turn to Evernote.

I have a Health & Wellness Notebook.  This notebook holds the following notes:

* Dosage Charts – I take a picture of the dosage charts on the medicines we have and I highlight the current proper dosage for Lexi’s weight.  This way when I’m in that moment where I’m about to freak out because HOW MUCH DO I GIVE HER RIGHT NOW????  I have a place to look that tells me.

* Vaccinations – I have no interest in getting involved in the vaccination debate – your choices are your choices, mine are mine.  Having said that I feel that we are all responsible for our own children’s vaccinations and having this written down for your records is important.  There have been a couple of occasions where we go to a well visit and I’m just not sure WHAT I wanted Lexi to have and when.  Having this written down someplace makes it really easy for me – it’s not a decision I’m making or not making in front of the doctor.

*Health Log – I keep a really quick log with dates on when Lexi had a fever, congestion, diaper rash, well visit dates and stats, and her reaction to shots.  I’ve referenced this regularly over the last 17 months – the log has helped me realize that a diaper rash was related to her having red berries or that she gets a red bumpy rash on her face when she has too much citrus.

So that’s another way I use Evernote.