Friday Game Plan: Handbag Mania

The size of handbags has increased over the past few years and they have become mini suitcases with the ability to hold any item you could ever need.

However, just because the size of the bag is bigger doesn’t mean you need to carry your entire life with you. My Mom’s handbag is always stuffed to the gills and I decided things were getting out of hand and that something must be done.

Handbag Before

I followed the following steps in order to organize her handbag.

1. Empty – I emptied the entire bag and cleaned out the inside from any dirt or debris that had accumulated inside.

2. Organize – the main components and staples in a handbag are your wallet, checkbook, cell phone, sunglasses/glasses, keys, and cosmetics or emergency essentials such as antibacterial gel, medicine, and Band-Aids. It is important to use the handbags pouches for internal organization and for certain items you might need a separate pouch. For instance, I prefer plastic pouches for my cosmetics and emergency gear so that in case something spills my bag will be spared.

3. Clean – I then worked through cleaning out and throwing away old receipts, coupons, and paperwork that had accumulated inside the bag. Everything was sorted and a lot of items ended up being thrown away. Receipts only need to be kept until they hit your bank account or credit card. If you anticipate that you might need to return an item, keep a separate binder of receipts at home.

Handbag After

It is important to clean your bag at least once a week, it is amazing how much can accumulate inside one’s bag within one week. If you are consistent and clean your bag often it shouldn’t take much time at all. Having an organized bag will help you locate items easier and also free up a heavy bag that can be awkward to carry!