Thursday’s Carrot: Save Time and Money Right Now!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to save time and/or money, here are some great tools and tips!


This shop site will help save you money and time (at least 20 minutes a week!). It covers pretty much all the non-food based items in your household. The pricing is the best I’ve ever seen and it’s so easy to use. It tells you the exact percentage you are saving, you can shop by room or by product description, and everything ships for free!

What other customers are saying:
“Alice makes life a bit simpler . . . imagine not having to carry in the “big pack” of paper towels and toilet paper along with all the bags. NO SHIPPING CHARGES, ever. Try it, you’ll love it!” -Julia, Pepper Pike, OH

Check it out now!

2) Evernote

This app for the iphone and blackberry helps you keep track of lists and things that are on your mind and in your head. Go to (and scroll down to the Evernote section) where author, Cass, teaches you tips on how to use Evernote. This app can help you save a lot of time!

Download the app here.

3) Free Printable Monthly Spending Form

Track all of your expenses and start salting away those dollars with this free Monthly Spending Form!

4) More Tips and Tools

Check out Alicia on MomTV below for more tips and tools on getting organized to save time and money!

Do you have any tips or tools to help save time and/or money? Please share below!